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SNW0002 Facebook (B): The Start-up’s Strategic Dilemmas
SNW0001 Facebook (A): The Start-up's 'Social' Success
RTS0147B Delta Air Lines: Flying Out of Bankruptcy?
RTS0135B Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.: Will it be able to Turnaround?
RTS0128 Korean Air: Chairman & CEO, Cho Yong-Ho's Radical Transformation
RTS0100C McDonald’s in Japan: From loss to recovery
PPP0005B US Water Resource Utility and Management: Should it be Privatized?
POS0034B The Changing Face of MTV
POS0031B Ritz-Carlton: Moving away from Old-World Opulence to Low-Key Elegance
POS0012 Fopp UK Music Retailer (B): The Costs of Over Exposure
MOP0017 Global Inflationary Trends: Raising Pressure on Central Banks
MOP0012 Exchange Rate Volatility and Reserve Bank Intervention: The Case of New Zealand
MKS0110B Vista: Can Microsoft make it a Success?
MKS0109K The Woman of Substance”: Changing Face of Women in Advertisements?
MKS0101B Wal-Mart and InStore TV: Worth an Investment?
MKS0100B Guerilla Advertisements: Big Firms Going Guerilla?
MKS0095A Second Life: A unique marketing platform
MKS0093A Marks & Spencer: Revival Strategies
MKS0091C Advertising and Branding Strategies of Staples- The ‘Easy’ Campaign
MES0085C Shanghai Tang: Taking Chinese Fashion to the World



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  • Richard B ChaseRichard B Chase

    Richard B Chase is considered the founder of the field of Service Operations Management
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  • Shantanu DuttaShantanu Dutta

    Shantanu Dutta is currently the Vice Dean for Graduate Programs at Marshall School of Business USC.
    Speaks on Building Trust
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