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Unilever - Would the 'Power Brand Strategy Pay Off?
BenQ In Quest of Global Branding
Branding - The Yum! Way
Google: From Search Engine to Power Brand
Sharp: Rejuvenating its TV Brand
Tom Cruise at United Artists: The Potential Prospects and Perils
Intel: In Search of a New Identity
Bose: Making the Most Trusted Brand
Tourism Malaysia: Marketing the Country
LEGO TOYS: A makeover in corporate philosophy
GM in 2005: Facing challenges in North America
Coca-Cola Struggling in Germany
Airbus A380 Delay - What Went Wrong?
Archies - Time to reinvent
Airbus`s A380: Stalled on the Runway
Japanese Motorcycles: Facing Challenges in China
MySpace and Lifestyle Media: Critical Issues
Apple Computer: Grappling with Challenges
Sony`s Battery Recall: Troubled Times at Sony
Proton: Way to Survive
Sony Electronics: The Turnaround Strategy
GM Ford Alliance: An Innovative Trend in Global Auto Industry
GM-Renault-Nissan: An Alliance to Dominate Global Auto Industry
Google and Ebay`s AD Deal: Will It Work?
MTV Google Alliance; Sharing Video Across the Online Media
Nike and Apple: A Successful Partnership?”
Nokia and Siemens: Creating a Telecom Alliance
New Distribution Initiatives at HLL
Should Halliburton Drop its KBR Unit?
Aditya Vikram Birla Group Corporate Restructuring and Growth
Intel Chipped to Restructure
Ford Restructuring US Operations
Viacom - Restructuring for Growth
Dell's Turnaround Strategy
D&B: The turnaround Strategies
Ahold Road to Recovery
CISCO Systems: Implementing “Customized” ERP in Nine Months
Intel Corp: The Customer Oriented Reorganization
FedEx: The Cutting Edge
Acer’s Positioning in the Indian Laptop Segment
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