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Revitalising Barbie
Coca Cola's Advertising Strategies: Changing with Times
CRY in 2006: Changing Perceptions
Extending KitKat’s Product Life Cycle
Intel in 2006: A Brand New Identity
Pepsi Café Chino in India
The Evolution of Omega’s Advertising Strategy
The redemption of Martha Stewart
Visa International: Building a global brand
Harley-Davidson: Maintaining a Cult Brand
Wal-Mart – Building a New Image
Nivea’s Brand Extension Strategy in the US Market
P&G’s brand Management Strategy for Tide in the US
Adidas: The Reebok Brand Revival
Nike Getting into the Subsidiary Brands: Will it Work?
The changing face of Intel
Nike : Surviving after Philip Knight
Nike's tryst with succession strategy
UPS in 2006: Customer Service & CRM Initiatives
JetBlue: Too much turbulence
Keeping Swissair in the Air
Kraft : Deromedi’s Dilemma
Maytag: In need of repair
YKK: Countering the counterfeit dragon
Kraft Foods: Arresting Fall in Growth Rate
Taco Bell and the Ecoli Crisis
Image Crisis at BP
Fiat’s Turnaround Strategies
Motorola’s Revival Strategy
Kodak’s Turnaround Strategies
Tupperware Re-igniting Growth
Ford’s New Turnaround Strategy -Will It Work?
Maruti-Suzuki's Zen: Will The Legacy Last?
DaimlerChrysler: Time for a Spin-off?
Reinventing Samsung
Rejuvenating Samsung
Burger King: Will it regain market share?
Sony’s Return to Glory?
SUN in 2006: Changing Business Model
Motorola – Losing its ‘Razr’s’ Edge
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