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Marketing Research Case Study

Case Title:

Celebrity Endorsements and Product Categories

Publication Year : 2010

Authors: Prof. Subodhip Roy

Industry: General Business


Case Code: MRS0003

Teaching Note: Not Available

Structured Assignment: Not Available

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Targeted for the students of Marketing Research course, this case study discusses the implications of ‘correspondence analysis’ and to understand how that factors the categorical variable and shows the relationship or association of the categorical variable to each other. Mari D’Costa (Mari), client servicing head of an advertising firm, received a typical client request to portray a celebrity in an advertisement for an automobile manufacturer. She was in a dilemma of how to find out whether there was any relationship between the way a celebrity appears in an advertisement and the product category which is endorsed by him/her. Her marketing research division head Sujit Roy (Sujit) helped her in this. Using the correspondence analysis, he found that there was an obvious correspondence between some of the product categories and the mode of celebrity presence in ads of those products.

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the nature of 'correspondence analysis'
  • To elucidate how 'correspondence analysis' is used to figure out correspondence between the mode of presence of the celebrity and the product category/group to be advertised.

Keywords : Correspondence Analysis, Factor Analysis, Marketing Research, Celebrity Endorsements, Data Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Data Collection, Market Research, Advertising, Advertisement


  • Celebrity Endorsements in Marketing
  • The Research
  • Data Collection and Sample Characteristics

  • Descriptive Study of the Print Ads
  • Coding
  • Results
  • Assignment Questions

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