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Interview with Al Ries on Brands and Branding

August 2006 - By Dr. Nagendra V Chowdary

In general, a company should use PR (or publicity) to launch a new brand and should only switch to advertising after the new brand has achieved credibility in the minds of consumers. Advertising doesn't have the credibility to launch new brands.
– Al Ries
Effective executive interview with Alan MacCormack on Collaboration

Al Ries is the author/co-author of 11 books on marketing, including his latest, The Origin of Brands. He and his daughter Laura run the Atlanta-based marketing strategy firm

He can also be reached at

Useful for Understanding of:

  • Brands and Branding
  • Brand Personality
  • Role of Differentiation
  • Role of Advertising and Corporate Communications
  • Principles of Building a Brand
  • Social Brand.
Originally Published in Effective Executive, IUP
Effective Executive Reference No. 03M-2006-08-02-06
IBSCDC Reference No. INT0013
Year and Month of Publication August 2006
Keywords Al Ries, Brands and Branding, Brand Personality, Role of Differentiation, Role of Advertising and Corporate Communications, Principles of Building a Brand, Social Brand

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