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Brands & Branding and Private Labels Case Study

Case Title:

La Affaire Tiger Woods

Publication Year : 2010

Authors: Manoj Sadasivan

Industry: Sports & Sports Related


Case Code: BBP0113

Teaching Note: Available

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Set in late 2009, this case study provides a framework for teaching and understanding ‘Brand Management’ and the core issues in the management of the equity of brand ambassadors. Delving into Tiger Woods scandal as an example, this case study discusses the fate of brand equity during crisis, particularly when the brand ambassador hits the media for wrong reasons. Tiger Woods’ breathtaking performances on the golf course played a big role in his emergence as an ideal brand ambassador. His marriage to a glamorous European model added to his celebrity status. But his conduct off the golf course, especially after his marriage, left a lot to be desired. Things reached a point of no return in November 2009 when the US supermarket tabloid, National Enquirer alleged that Woods was having an affair with a celebrity hostess. Two days later, he quarreled with his wife over this matter and smashed his car into a tree on his way out. These incidents blew the lid off a sex scandal in which Tiger Woods was linked to some 10-20 mistresses.

As the Tiger Woods scandal broke out, many of his sponsors cancelled their lucrative endorsement contracts with him and investors in companies that he sponsored also seemed to have lost money. But by the end of December 2009, Tiger Woods had implemented specific measures to redeem his position as an ideal brand ambassador. Whether these measures will work is something only time will tell. Thus, this case study raises a number of interesting questions: What are the strategies to be followed by the companies to protect, rebuild, revitalize and rejuvenate the lost prestige of the brand in the face of dying image of brand ambassador? Whether the company/companies should drop the brand ambassador amid such turmoil? What are the strategic steps to be taken by the individual brand ambassador to regain his/her lost prestige? What constitutes the brand management strategy from the viewpoint of – companies, brand equity and individual brand ambassador?

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the making of a celebrity brand ambassador with a special reference to Tiger Woods
  • To examine the impact on the equity of a brand ambassador and the companies, products or brands he/she endorses, particularly when the celebrity brand ambassador hits the media for the wrong reasons
  • To discuss and delve into the crisis management strategies to be adopted by the companies to protect, rebuild, revitalise and rejuvenate the lost prestige of the brand in the face of dying image of brand ambassador.

Keywords : Brands and Branding, Celebrity Brands, Brand Endorsers, Celebrity Brand Endorsers, Brand Ambassadors, Brand Equity, Tiger Woods, Brand Image, Tiger Woods and Accenture, Managing a Bruised Brand, Tiger Woods Foundation, Celebrity Brand Ambassador, Resilience Model


  • Rise of Tiger Woods as a Brand Ambassador
  • The Making of a Billion-dollar Man
  • The Tiger Woods Scandal
  • Pen Sketches of Tiger Woods' Mistresses
  • Fall of Tiger Woods as a Brand Ambassador
  • Strategic Alternatives for Tiger Woods to Revive the Brand Image

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