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Branding A Commodity: Pista House's 'Hyderabadi Haleem'
(An Interview with Mohammad Abdul Majeed (Founder & CEO of Pista House) & Parvez (Director Pista House))

Pista House's 'Hyderabadi Haleem'

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Nature: Sample
Duration: 7:49 min

Pista House's 'Hyderabadi Haleem'

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Nature: Sample
Duration: 6:25 min

Who is this video about?

The month of Ramzan is welcomed by every Muslim, but a Hyderabadi Muslim has something more to rejoice for – it is the Hyderabadi Haleem, a delicacy which is available only during that month. It is a tradition to break the daily fast (roza) at Iftar with a plateful of Haleem. The making of the dish, which originated in Saudi Arabia, is mastered to an art form in Hyderabad. However, today, the dish is recognised all over the world by the name – Pista House Haleem.

By 2009, Pista House (PH) – established as a bakery in 1997 – went on to become an organisation that exports its Haleem to all the major countries across the world. It turned a generic commodity – Haleem – into a unique global brand acquiring a cult like status – ‘Pista House Haleem’. However, Pista House Haleem is offered only in the month of Ramzan. Considering the cyclical demand for the product, the way PH scales up its operations and manages quality along with its ‘concentrated advantage’ is very intriguing and worth emulating.

The case study deals with the economics of the demand for a cyclical product, management of scaled up operations, branding a commodity and taking global such branded commodity.

What is this video about?

In this rare and comprehensive interview, Mohammad Abdul Majeed talks on:

  1. The beginnings of Pista House
  2. His achievements and challenges / Highs-Lows, that he faced as an entrepreneur while changing his line of business from the family business of textiles to food business
  3. The challenges during the establishment and his endurance in dealing with them
  4. Careful selection of products to be offered
  5. The introduction of Haleem and giving it a unique taste and quality which set it apart from its competitors
  6. Making the Pista House Haleem a global brand
  7. Maintaining consistency in the product offering, sourcing, manufacturing and delivery operations
  8. Scaling up of the operations during the month of Ramzan to meet the demand
  9. And his future plans of expansion.

Recommended to use this video for:

  1. Business Strategy course: For understanding the economics of the demand for a cyclical product , management of scaled up operations, especially useful for understanding and devising operations strategy around a powerful value proposition
  2. Branding: to understand the building up of a global brand around a commodity
  3. Entrepreneurship Module

Video Details

Title : An Interview with Mohammad Abdul Majeed (Founder & CEO of Pista House) & Parvez (Director Pista House)

Released Date: 8th March, 2010.

Interviewed by Syed Abdul Samad, Afsar Noor Khan, Deepa Verma, and Devi Rajnikanth under the guidance of Dr. Nagendra V Chowdary (Dean, IBSCDC Hyderabad)

Price : $ (1000 INR)

Duration : 1 hr


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