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Case Studies on Collaboration


Edited by : Devi Rajnikanth
ISBN : 978-81-314-1485-9
Price: $50  ( INR)
128 pages( Paperback edition )

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Collaboration is the new competitive edge. Itís no longer a choice. Rather, itís now or never. Itís an operational necessity in industry after industry. The reasons are not rocket science. Itís all about resources. Many organisations in todayís global world are unable to compete with their own resources and they look for other alternatives to manage the competition. When you canít beat them, join them!

The corporate world is replete with illustrious examples of collaboration. Competitors are turning into collaborators. When viewed with business logic, companies benefit immensely from fruitful collaboration. Andrew Carnegie said, ďTeamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision; the ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.Ē Why should companies collaborate? When to collaborate? What precautions to be taken while venturing into a collaborative arrangement? In what kind of industries and at what stage of the industry life cycle, is collaboration desirable and meaningful?

The articles, interviews and case studies included in this book address these very issues. Covering a wide area of the collaboration canvas, this book would be of great help for you to become an effective collaborator.

  • Collaboration as a Business Discipline: New Tools for the Leadership Toolkit
  • Collaborating for Innovation: From Concept to Zone Practice
  • Harnessing Collaborative Advantage Through Tactical and Strategic Partnering: For a Better Performance
  • Interview with David B Yoffie
  • Conflict and Collaboration: Leadership Perspectives for The Global Effective Executive
  • Interview with Jonathan Hughes
  • Establishing a Successful Co-Brand: Risks and Rewards
  • Interview with Alan MacCormack and Theo Forbath
  • Marketing Partnerships and Coalition Programs: A Value Assessment
  • Multinationals and the Globalization of Technology Development: Stress Points, Misconceptions and Collaborative Competencies
  • Samsung vs Sony - The Competitive Collaboration

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