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Promoting Water Management in India
Acer: Will its LCD TV venture be successful
Motorola’s Lost Opportunities
Deutsche Bank: Going Retail in China
ASUS: Business Built on Innovation
Change Programs and their Implementation
The Importance of HR Planning in an Insurance Organization
The Need for Changing Organization Design and Structure
Insurance Industry - Repercussions of Unplanned Mergers and Acquisitions
AIG's E-Business Risk Insurance Solutions
Employee Involvement Total Quality Management in Insurance Companies
China's WTO Accession: No big bang for Foreign Banks
Southeast Asian Debt Restructuring Institutions: The Lessons
Excellent Knitwear (P) Ltd: The Foreign Currency Derivative Dilemma
Debt Fund Crisis at Franklin Templeton – Can it Bounce Back?
Value at Risk: Morgan Stanley
Orange County: A Case of Derivative Mismanagement
Interest Rate Swaps: A Deal Between B.F. Goodrich and Rabobank
Currency Rate Swap between IBM and World Bank
Union Bank of Switzerland: The Banking Way
Executing E-Business Strategies - The GE Way - A Rare Profitable Dotcom
Knowledge Management Initiatives at British Petroleum
CARD - An E - Government initiative in Andhra Pradesh (India)
Knowledge Management @ Xerox Corp
Knowledge Management @Tata Steel
Merrill Lynch's IT Initiatives
Charles Schwab Customer Focused E-Business Strategy
Knowledge Sharing Initiatives at the World Bank - Creating a Knowledge Bank
IBM's ECRM Initiatives
IT Outsourcing - The GM Way
JP Morgan Chase-IBM - The Outsourcing Journey
Knowledge Management Practices at Toyota Motors
CRM Implementation Failure at Cigna Corporation
Information Technology Outsourcing at BBC
e-Learning Initiatives at Motorola
Knowledge Management Initiatives at TCS
Infosys' Knowledge Management Initiatives
Managing Information Resources: Ensuring Data Security
Mckinsey's Knowledge Management Practices
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