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Bamboo House India:Reducing Uncertainty in Project Completion Using PERT
Founders of Bamboo House India: Building Green Futures
BAA’s T5: Novel Project Management
Cyberabad Police’s ISO 9001:2000 Certification Programme: A Model of Success?
Efficient Project Management at TransWorks Information Services Pvt. Ltd., an Indian-based BPO Company
Will UTC's Transition to 'Growth through Operations Transformation' Payoff?
FedEx: The Cutting Edge
Nestle: Streamlining Operations
Pantaloon Retail India: Creating Successful Formats
Safeway Inc: Is it on a Safer Way?
ISRO: Managing Programs and Projects
India`s Moon Mission Chandrayaan-3: From Failure to Success
Mobile Technology in Sales Force Automation: A Case of Adidas America
Assessing Customer Purchase Behavior at India Bazaar Retail Ltd.
IT Infrastructure and Business Process Synergy at Meru Cabs Private Ltd.
Bake a Cake
Crunching Munch Time A Little
Made in India
Chandan Creations’: Process Selection Dilemma
Crisis at Strocem RMC: Significance of Operations Management
Excel Printers: A Startup Company’s Capacity Planning
Gourmet’s Fantasy: Implementing Customer-Oriented Approach
IBS LTYAOU: Unraveling Jumbled Flows with Relative Station Proximity
Locating and Laying Out the Fast Food Business
Location of a Production Facility
Maruti Metal Works: Evaluation of Project using PERT
Novel Foods’ Change in Operations Strategy: Competitiveness at Stake
Siva Gabbita’s Dontanpalli Operation I
Siva Gabbita’s Dontanpalli Operation II
Spicejet: Dedicated to Serve Customers with Excellence
Takira Motors: Creating Assembly and Process Chart
The House of Garb: Implementing Supply Chain Strategy
Travelsafe Manufacturing Company (TMC)
Tropicana’s Product (Re)Design: The Packaging Mistake
Victor in India: Six-Sigma Implementation
Vijetha Textiles: Process Analysis
Abide Manufacturers Limited: Implementation of ISO 9000
Pantaloon: Revolutionizing the Indian Retailing Industry
Hyundai's 'Santro' in India: Product Life Cycle Strategies
Godrej No.1 at 3rd Position in Indian Soap Market: Trail Blazer in Brand Relaunch
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