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The Blind Side: Transformation of an Abandoned to Acclaimed
Non Performing Loans in Chinese Banking Sector: Unsolved and Unsustainable
Doctoral Blues in the U.S. B-Schools
Gordon Brown’s Fiscal Management
LSG Sky Chefs: Managing in Troubled Times
Regal Entertainment Group: Managing Troubled Times
Troubled Times at Unilever
Coca-Cola in Germany (Part A) Challenges due to Deposit Law
New York : Recovering from9/11?
Altria: The American Tobacco Giant’s Troubled Portfolio
Dell’s Recall of Batteries: Would it Taint Dell’s Image?
Crisis Management- The Jet Blue Way
Taco Bell and the Ecoli Crisis
Troubled Carmaker Chrysler (A): Can Cerberus be its Holy Grail?
Troubled Carmaker Chrysler (B): Can Robert Nardelli Resurrect the Company?
Mattel’s Product Recalls (B): Managing the Crisis
Image Crisis at BP
Unrest at Volkswagen: Who Takes the Decisions?
‘San Lu’, The Chinese milk products manufacturer’s product failure: Managing the Crisis?
Managing Downturn without Downsizing (A): US Financial Crisis & Layoffs
Managing Downturn without Downsizing (B): Innovative Job Saving Schemes
Is GM heading for Bankruptcy?
Rising Fuel Cost: A Threat to Europe's Discount Airlines
Trouble at Taco Bell: The E. coli Breakout
Tesco's Big Plans To Enter Indian Retail
Standard Chartered Bank in South Korea
Mattel in China – ‘The Outsourcing and the Recall’
Hyundai in the US: Prospects and Perils
Walmart's China Experience
Starbucks in Ireland
Tata Motors: Serving an 'Ace' for Success
Zara - Expansion Blues
100% Pure New Zealand Destination Branding Campaign: Marketing New Zealand to the World
Unilever in India - Building and Nurturing Brands
Marico - Managing 'Saffola'
Parachute- Managing India's leading coconut oil brand
Harley Davidson - Evolution of Marketing Strategy
Gillette - Managing Product Innovation
Amul's Diversification Strategy
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