Interview with Mr. Kunwar Sachdev, Founder & Managing Director, Su-Kam

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Building a (Em) Powered Company: Su-Kam's Stupendous Success
(Kunwar Sachdev on Su-Kam's Entrepreneurial Success Story.)

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Who is this video about?

Mr. Kunwar Sachdev, Founder and Managing Director of Su-Kam. After graduation he joined his elder brother in sales and distribution of pen business. However, owing to differences in ideas and vision, Mr. Sachdev quit the business. This was the time when the cable television was quickly catching up in India and he anticipated a good market for cable TV accessories. At the young age of 20, without any financial support, Mr. Sachdev started Su-Kam Communications in 1992.

After the success of cable TV business, he turned his focus to power back-up systems and entered into the manufacturing of inverters in 1997. His desire to innovate made him closely involved with various functions of the company – right from R&D and production to business operations, strategic marketing and advertising. In recognition of his contribution to Indian business, Mr. Sachdev was given the most coveted 'Bharath Shironmani' and had been nominated twice for the 'Young entrepreneur of the year' by Ernst & Young. Su-Kam has also received 'National Award for Quality Products'.

What is this video about?

This video has four sections in which Mr. Sachdev talks in detail about his entrepreneurial journey and the challenges he had faced.

  1.   In the beginning of the interview he talks about how he got the idea to start a company; the challenges he faced when he moved from the cable TV business to power back-up systems; the hiring process of the people in the initial stages and how he built the team.
  2.   In the second section he talks in depth about the operations process, the R&D and the challenges therein. He also highlights the importance of material management and supplier management processes, and the innovative techniques brought in.
  3.   The third section of this video captures the marketing and distribution of the inverters and sales force management. He also discusses about logistics, competition, the scope for exports and expansion into foreign markets and the current challenges.
  4.   The last section of the video covers the collective vision of the employees of Su-Kam. Here they talk in detail about their experiences of working with Mr. Sachdev and how as "empowered employees, they courld articulate and execute a democratically designed vision.

Video Details

Title : An Interview with Mr. Kunwar Sachdev, Founder & Managing Director, Su-Kam.

Released Date: 8th September,2009.

Interviewed by Vijay Grover and Seetharam Reddy (Executive MBA, Batch of 2009 IBS, Hyderabad)

Price : $ (1000 INR)

Duration : 1 hour


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