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Case Studies on Corporate Social Responsibility - Vol.I

Edited by : Vara Vasanthi
ISBN : 81-314-0693-8
Price: $25  ( INR)
288 pages( Hardcover edition )

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The environment in which companies operate prioritises the need to integrate their economic, environmental and social concerns (triple bottom line) with their culture and values, decision-making, strategy-formulation and operations. An organisation needs to follow certain guidelines and principles to ensure that its operations such as corporate governance, human resource management, health and safety, environmental protection and community development are transparent and accountable towards its employees and the society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the tool that helps the organisations achieve this. CSR not only ensures that companies follow an ethical approach towards business but also helps sustain that approach. CSR, as in the past, is not confined to corporate philanthropy, but it now includes the company's contribution towards the general public, its employees and the environment. Moreover, non-profit organisations and institutional investors have gained considerable financial clout and the power to influence investors’ decisions. The rise in the number of corporate scandals has made CSR vital for companies to maintain a virtuous image in the public and attract investors who have started giving ethical values as much importance as profitability.

This book Case Studies on Corporate Social Responsibility - Vol.I contains case studies, which highlight the circumstances under which various companies have integrated CSR into their company values. It also showcases the setbacks that companies faced as a result of their non-compliance with CSR policies. It also brings to light the failure of some companies to raise their image despite adopting CSR, sparking questions regarding the use of CSR as just a PR tool.

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