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Coca-Cola in Japan: From Role Model to Role Reversal
The global and local strategies of the international food chains in India
Online Junk Food Marketing and US Kids: Need for Healthy Regulations
Subsidised Oil Price in India—Can it be sustained?
Canada: A Hotbed of Telemarketing Frauds
Sri Lanka Tourism Trials and Tribulations
Bionade Soda (B): Organic Growth Conundrum
Growth Strategies for Emerging Markets: Nokia in India
Intuit’s growth strategies
Westside in 2004
Caterpillar Inc: World's Leading Earthmoving Machinery Manufacturer's Growth Strategies
Subway in 2006
Quiznos Sub in 2006
Bose: A sound of Success
STAR India : Time for Consolidation?
Ikea in 2005: Evolution of global marketing strategy
Mercedes: In Search of Growth
Castrol India Limited in 2006
eBay in China- A Difficult Bid
Lukoil: Russia's Largest Oil Company's Global Strategies
PayPal’s Growth Strategies
Unilever Brings Frugal Innovation into Europe
Employer Branding Initiatives of the US Army
Miramax: A Victim of Interpersonal Conflict?
Allen & Co.: People as Profit Centers
Hindustan Lever Limited: The Organizational Restructuring
MIT's Media Lab: Frank Moss' Culture Change
Singapore’s “Gamble” with the Gambling Industry: The Payoffs
Globalization of the Indian Film industry: Reel or Real?
POSCO in 2004: The World's Most Profitable Steel Market
Boeing and Airbus: The Asian Challenge
The US Newspaper Industry at Crossroads?
Novartis – From Barriers to Blockbusters
Reckitt Benckiser: Growing Through Innovations
Promoting Water Management in India
Playstation Portable : The Walkman of the 21 st Century
Motorola : Differentiation through Designing
Pfizer’s Foray into Sedatives: The American Dream?
Will Harry Potter’s Magic Work for Universal Studios Theme Parks?
Disruption with Nano: Tata's Prospects
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