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Diageo’s Global Strategy: Differentiated Marketing
AXE Effect in the US: Success through Viral Marketing?
Unilever's Digital Media Strategy
Apple iPhone Price Cut: Is it a Right Strategy?
Nokia’s Rural Marketing Strategies in India: Reaching Out to the Bottom of Pyramid
Reebok Vs Nike in India: Reebok Covert Marketing strategies
adidas vs PUMA: Marketing War for Football World Cup 2006
Nestlé’s Marketing: The Next Driver of Value Growth?
Titan Industries – Getting the Marketing Mix Right
Nano, Tata’s ‘People’s Car’: Who is Marketing?
Toyota’s ‘Scion’(Guerrilla) Brand in US: The Market Positioning Strategies
Hyundai’s “Santro” in India: Product Life Cycle Strategies
Apple’s iPod: Product Development and Extension Strategies
P&G: From Mass to Micromarketing
Corporate Communication,The Toyota Way
Americanism, Brand America and American Brands
Indian Auto Component Industry
Dell in India Targeting SMB Markets: The Differentiation Strategies
Lifebuoy in India: Product Life Cycle Strategies
Brand Bond: The World Is Not Enough
Dell’s Direct Model: In Need of Change?
P&G’s Logistics Revolution: Co-creating Value
Rural Marketing – Indian Experiences
LG: Rural Marketing in India
P&G in US Toothpaste Market: A Formidable Comeback
Splenda: Leading the Tabletop Sweetener Market
European Soccer Merchandising in Asia
Mel Gibson’s New Commandments of Movie Marketing
Philips: The New Age Marketing
Yao Ming: Marketers’ Open Sesame to China
Cranium Inc., The Board Game Maker: Winning the Marketing Game!
Jassi – The Marketing of a Television Serial
Children's Television Channels: The Marketing Challenges
Nestlé's Marketing: The Next Driver of Value Growth?
Harry Potter: Global Marketing Strategies
Vodafone’s 3G Technology: The Marketing Strategies
StarWoods Hotels and Resorts Worldwide: Cross-Marketing Strategies
Toyota’s Tundra in US - The Marketing Strategies
De Beers: The Right Hand Ring campaign
Apollo Hospitals: Leading the Way to Healthcare Tourism
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