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Case Studies on Social Entrepreneurship Vol I

Case Studies on Social Entrepreneurship Vol I

Edited by : P Girija
ISBN : 978-81-314-1912-0
Price: $25  ( INR)
200 pages( Hardcover edition )

Snapshot of the casebook

For a business in crisis – there is a turnaround plan to revive the company; for a sinking stock market – there are ways to improve the stock value, but when the issues dealt with are about suffering of humans – the solution exists only in mere concepts.

Proving this wrong are an emerging set of people called social entrepreneurs, who are providing solutions to those social causes that the governments and corporates failed to address. Challenging the existing practices of business, these entrepreneurs are revolutionising the way of doing business through powerful and sustainable business models that are fundamentally social-driven, thus reinvigorating the lives of the poor.

However, social entrepreneurs face a herculean task of combining social work with business due to competition from business enterprises, which are increasingly involving themselves in social activities. In addition, measuring socially-driven activities is a challenge for social entrepreneurs as the underlying motive is not just achieving the bottom line but ensuring economic equality across the society. Now, the question is – Can such businesses thrive as self-sustainable models? The answer is yes. Bill Drayton, Muhammad Yunus, Nick Grant, Dr. Govindappa Swamy, etc., have all proved that solutions for societal problems exist, provided the motive serves a noble cause.

This book sensitises would-be-managers, the academia and other readers to understand problems that are not dealt with in a typical management course. The case studies included in the book help the reader to comprehend the concept of social entrepreneurship and try to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

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