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Case Studies on International Trade and Exchange Rates - Vol. I

Edited by : Chiradeep Chatterjee
ISBN : 81-314-0606-7
Price: $35  ( INR)
252 pages( Hardcover edition )

Snapshot of the casebook

With globalisation increasingly bringing business corporations nearer to various nations - each with its own diverse set of legal and economic systems - the need to study the mechanisms of international trade has become very essential. As long as a business functions within the realm of a domestic economy, it remains exposed to a legal and currency (economic) system that is relatively stable. Once in the global arena, however, international trade agreements and currency systems become relevant. Especially, exchange rate determination mechanisms can have a profound effect on the bottom lines of a company. Speaking more broadly, since such international agreements and exchange rates can also affect national economies, a company being only a subset of it, also is affected by it. Therefore, understanding financial management of a modern business corporation cannot leave out this branch of study.

Each case in this book Case Studies on International Trade and Exchange Rates - Vol. I highlights one or more aspects of international trade and exchange rate mechanisms. Major issues in international trade like Transfer Pricing, WTO and GATT, NAFTA, issues affecting developing nations like Bangladesh, trade deficits and Foreign Direct Investment have been extensively dealt in some of these case studies. Other case studies have sought to highlight the various facets of exchange rate mechanisms. Most importantly, the cases have been arranged in a pattern to highlight the evolution of exchange rate system in our world. A thorough examination of this book will thus make the reader aware about the practical implications of theories regarding international trade and exchange rates and even the way they affect international relations. This book will be of use to both students of economics as well as practicing managers of companies connected in any way to global business activities.

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