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Change Management

Edited by : K Ramanathan
ISBN : 978-81-314-1483-5
Price: $50  ( INR)
136 pages( Hardcover edition )

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What it takes to be a world class company? The question would find a plethora of perspectives. One common perspective often cited is that all the great companies are great change agents. Who should be the catalysts for change? The individuals, after all. Change can be a metamorphosis. For many it's a painful experience and for few a pleasant one. A caterpillar becoming a butterfly a natural change. But in the business context, it would either be an envisioned change or a forced change.

This book, containing cutting-edge articles, interviews and case studies, elaborates on the change management in the corporate context. When should companies recognise the need for change? Who should bell the cat? Who should assume the role of a change agent? What qualities and traits would qualify someone as a true change agent? Why do people resist change? How should resistance be managed? How should companies renew their vigour and rigour? What are the relevant organisational processes and practices during change management? While you find answers to these questions in the book, you are also preparing yourself to be a change agent and that's a progressive sign. The change agents, like highly acclaimed doctors, benefit from their diagnosing skills. The diagnosis is a precursor to medication after all.

The biggest enemy for change management is perilous procrastination.It is perilous because someone's wrong judgement may cause a company to wipe out its very reason for existence. Change before you are forced to.


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