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Case Studies on Corporate Transformation

Case Studies on Corporate Transformation

Edited by : Priti Krishnan
ISBN : 978-81-314-1910-6
Price: $25  ( INR)
208 pages( Hardcover edition )

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Corporate transformation echoes in our ears the word – 'problem'. Whenever a company is transformed, it must have been to resolve a problem. But is it so? Many companies in the past were transformed as it was the need of the hour. However, as troubled businesses are multiplying by the day, reinvention has become the norm. To stay on the top and grow further, companies have to constantly improve ways to run the show, be it strategic, operational, organisational or financial. However, how easy is it to transform a company that has been running in a particular way for years? History records many corporates that have been victims of failed transformations. If resistance from employees is common, costs involved in restructuring are also sometimes humongous. Experience suggests that successful transformation requires long term rather than quick fix solutions and a sensible vision. Above all, successful transformation calls for a leader who can identify the key problems, strengths, weaknesses and resources of the company. It requires a leader who knows the science and art of corporate transformation.

In this book, fourteen case studies reveal the art of corporate transformation. The book especially focuses on the cultural challenges that corporates face while restructuring. Providing a short theoretical framework, this book provides insights on how companies have successfully repositioned themselves amidst problems and obstacles. Corporate transformation is a must read for all those executives desiring and managing transformations.

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