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Case Studies on Brand Management Vol. II

Edited by : Girija P
ISBN : 978-81-314-2201-4
Price: $25  ( INR)
294 pages( Hardcover edition )

Snapshot of the casebook

A Disney, Google, Microsoft, Apple. What makes them stand apart? In the world of copycats, it is difficult to make out the original with its lookalike. In such an environment, how do companies differentiate themselves? The other way round, how should the consumer identify the original one? Creating loyalty by providing a branded customer experience has become a critical differentiator for businesses. Successful brand can be a great attribute for a company that plans to launch new products as it enhances brand value and at the same time ensures legal protection of the product.

Brand has become essential for the success of a firm, as in contemporary business conditions, it is more difficult to realise beneficial outcome without it. In a competitive environment, marketers must have a keen understanding of – customers, brands, and the relationship between the two. Therefore, companies adopt different marketing strategies such as promotions, advertising, discounts, etc. But more importantly, it is the belongingness that the customers feel towards the company or products which builds an everlasting relationship between the customer and the company. And that is exactly what brand management does.

The cases given in the book, Case Studies on Brand Management Vol.II are based on companies in the real-time business environment that have become brands – either iconic or cult brands. This book includes interesting case studies about various brands that became powerful brands, brands that were losing out their value, companies that were trying to restore their brands, etc. It will be helpful for all the management graduates, academicans and managers in solving the various branding dilemmas that they face in reality. The cases provide good clarity on the steps or process that should be followed in order to manage one’s brand well.

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