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Vol. II
March 15th 2009
New Case studies Direct-to-Home (DTH) in India: Direct to Loss? - Case Study - Business Models

Home entertainment in India was never the same after the entry of cable television. For a long period of time Local Cable Operators (LCOs) dominated the market although they did not provide good program quality and signal transmission to subscribers. The emergence of Direct-to-Home (DTH) option in 2003 threatened the dominance of LCOs giving them a tough competition. DTH operators, however, did not have the critical mass of subscribers to sustain their operations. This case study provides the scope to explore the market for DTH in India and the various challenges faced by DTH operators in an unorganised cable TV market. It tries to reason out the underlying reasons for several new players venturing into the market, despite those challenges. In such circumstances, can DTH industry thrive in India?

IBSCDC NEWS In March 2009, IBSCDC conducted video interviews with Shalini Kadaveru, Co-founder and CEO of Yellow Stone Pharmacy Pvt Ltd. and Kalyan Manyam CEO of
In this video interview Mrs. Shalini Kadaveru talks about her journey from holding various senior management positions in Fortune 500 companies to starting her own entrepreneurial venture Yellowstone Pharmacy Pvt Ltd which operates the Rite Care chain of pharmacy stores. She elaborates on the challenges she faced initially and how she dealt with those challenges.

Kalyan Manyam, CEO of, in his video interview talks about the origin of the idea for a social networking site for Indians, the unique features of the site, the marketing strategies adopted to promote the site and the future plans for the venture. He also shares his views on the qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Whirlpool’s Product Innovation and Brand Building Strategies in India Case Study Marketing Case Studies - Brands and Branding Case Studies

After its entry into India in 1996, Whirlpool was able to capture a significant share of the market for direct-cool refrigerators and washing machines using its customer-centric approach. Competition, however, emerged in the form of LG and Samsung who offered superior affordable products and used unique marketing strategies to promote them. This case study delves into the reasons behind Whirlpool succumbing to competition and the measures taken by the company to revive its operations. It also debates on the probability of sustaining its turnaround amidst tough competition.

US Financial Crisis: Prospects and Perils of Globalisation of Financial Markets Case Study - US Financial Crisis Case Study

The US financial crisis not only had a major impact on the US economy but had a tremendous impact on the rest of the world as well. The cause - the integrated nature of the world economy -brought on by globalisation. This case study analyses the effect of financial globalisation and the need for more regulations in global capital flows. It describes the credit-driven purchasing pattern among American consumers and its impact on the economy. It also reasons whether the crisis could have been averted if the government had curbed the excessive lending by banks and kept the deficits at reasonable levels.

Case Study - Satyam Computers Corporate Governance Fiasco (C): CEO Confesses, Company Collapses

This case study is third in the Satyam Computers' Corporate Governance Fiasco case study series. It provides insights into the confessions of the CEO B. Ramalinga Raju about how he tampered with the books of accounts and how he held that he was the only one involved in the fiasco. The case study discusses the possible options that the company, its top management, and the government are left with after the confession of its CEO.

Management in Hollywood - The Pursuit of Happyness (Widescreen Edition)

“Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. Not even me. All right?”

An exemplary example of how motivation can play a big role in achieving success, this movie is a touching revelation of one man's ‘pursuit’ of trying to make it big. It describes how times of crisis and the desperation to protect and provide basic necessities for his son, led one man to risk everything he has and take up a non-paying internship at a brokerage firm. Based on the true story of Christopher Gardner who went from a homeless single parent to a successful stock broker, watch this movie for the brilliant portrayal by Will Smith of a man struggling to make ends meet.

The movie is an important lesson for those who hesitate to take risks and how the right kind motivation is the key to achieve formidable success.

Forthming Business Management Case studies Managing Crises: Built To Last Companies | Strategic Management | Competitive strategies

The Great Depression, the Oil Crisis, the South East Asian financial crisis, the 2008 US financial crisis and many such crises in history have created very challenging circumstances for companies to operate in. While some companies were lost in oblivion some managed to weather the challenges and survive. What was so unique about these companies? How did they manage to overcome the tough market conditions?

The Managing Crises case series tries to address many such similar questions covering several aspects of a company's operations during times of crisis like leadership, strategy making, innovation, employee concerns etc.

This is the first case in this series which attempts to detail the various crises which have occurred over the years, the repercussions of those crises on different economies and more specifically different companies. It illustrates companies which have successfully tackled various crises and the strategies employed by them. It tries to identify the commonalities between the companies which have survived and ascertain whether leadership played a major role in their success. It also tries to evaluate the impact of the 2008 US financial crisis and its ramifications.

Satyam Computers Corporate Governance Fiasco (D) Case Study Corporate Ethics Corporate Governance Case Studies

After the candid confession of B.Ramalinga Raju about how the company cooked the books for several years, the Government of India, through the Ministry of Company Affairs intervened to take charge of the situation. The government cancelled the existing board of Satyam and replaced it with a new board comprising of eminent people with proven track records in their respective areas. The case study tries to explore how government intervention was necessary to revive confidence among various stakeholder groups – the clients, the investors, the employees – and to safeguard the image of 'Brand India'.

Casebooks Case Studies on Business Models - Vol.I

Business Models Vol. I

What is a Business Model? How important is it for a company to have a clearly defined business model? Do all companies start a business after having clearly identified their business model or do they formulate their business model as the company grows? These are some of the questions this case study book tries to address. It has a compilation of 18 case studies that illustrate how the business models of various companies evolved and their defining characteristics.

Consulting classic Entrepreneurial India Entrepreneurial India

With the impact of the financial crisis unfolding, markets across the world have been hit hard including India. Access to credit especially is the toughest challenges companies have to face in the near future. However, Goldman Sachs predicts that the Indian economy would grow at a rate of 6%-7% for the FY09. With the existence of a strong relationship between the State and the entrepreneur, a key factor in the success of a business, new opportunities abound for entrepreneurs. This study provides insights into the entrepreneur's opinion of the Indian entrepreneurial landscape. It also suggests ways in which India can instill confidence in entrepreneurs amidst the financial crisis.

MAVERICK MAVERICKMaverick: The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace

The Maverick! is a semi-autobiographical work of Ricardo Semler and details the transformation of his family business, Semco. After having inherited the business from his father, Semler deconstructed the traditional hierarchical structure into a participative structure. The book illustrates Semler's 'out of the box' approach to running the company giving complete authority to employees. Semler wanted to create an organisational culture wherein employees worked hard because they wanted to rather than out of fear of their superiors. Employees were responsible for quality control, could set their own targets & wages, hire and fire fellow workers, evaluate the performance of their bosses and were also involved in every major decision making process of the company. Semler's organisational approach helped the company become one of the fastest growing companies in Latin America although it did culminate in his removal as CEO. His approach became so popular that companies like IBM, General Motors, Nestle and Alcoa tried to emulate some of his best practices.

Dr. Bolko V Oetinger

An interview with Dr. Bolko V Oetinger, Senior Advisor at BCG.

In this interview, he talks about the importance of business model innovation. He reasons that companies should continuously innovate their business models in order to survive. He also provides examples of successful companies which have adopted the three types of business model innovations – industry model innovation, revenue model innovation and enterprise model innovation. He briefs about the possible reasons why companies have not been coming up with new business model innovations and also when they do, why some of them fail. He also provides insights into whether the current financial crisis is the right time for coming up with new business models.

Interview with Mark W Johnson on Business Model Innovation

An interview with Mark W Johnson, Chairman and Co-founder of Innosight, a strategic innovation consulting and research firm which helps companies and institutions innovate for new growth and transformation.

In this interview, Mr. Johnson provides insights into the importance of understanding a business model and the need for business model innovations. He also provides examples of business model innovations and stresses the role of leadership in ensuring the success of a business model innovation.

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