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Vol. I
February 1st 2009
New Case Studies :`San Lu`, The Chinese Milk Products Manufacturers Product Failure: Managing the Crisis?

How does a company handle crisis? Particularly when it emanates from a product failure, originating from a Chinese manufacturing base whose reputation has been scarred by customer perception for highly unsafe and low quality products? The case study provides valuable insights on crisis at a Chinese manufacturing company and the need for a well-thought plan and an immediate response to handle public and media onslaught.

Browser Wars: Google Chrome Joins the Race Browser Wars: Google Chrome Joins the Race

A battle similar to the one between market leaders – Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator – during the 1990s is reminiscent in September 2008, as Google, the Internet search market leader launched a web browser, Chrome. This case study delves into the intensifying competition in the most vibrant, innovative and competitive IT industry as Google competes head-on with Microsoft by creating first ever cloud-based alternative to Windows OS.

IBSCDC Case Study

“Israel’s Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.: Success with a Hybrid Business Model” written by Vandana Jayakumar and Vara Vasanthi was awarded a special prize in the John Molson Case Writing Competition 2008. The case writing competition was organized by the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Tie-up with CCCH IBSCDC through a partnership with China Case Clearing House (CCCH), a center affiliated with China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), distributes IBSCDC’s case studies and related materials in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong.

Employees as Brands: The Case of Google Google
The Case of Google

How can human resources be leveraged as a source of competitive edge? Illustrated through the example of Google, this case raises many intriguing issues on how the technological powerhouse attracts and retains top talent by creating a challenging yet fun-filled work environment and fosters innovation through ‘70/20/10’ model. But, can a company that has focused on small teams and individual interaction retain the same when its meteoric climb to success has captured the interest of many competitors?


An all-time management classic that withstood the test of time for over 30 years. First published in 1963, the book offers a glimpse into the practice of the ‘discipline of management’ by Alfred P. Sloan, the man who led General Motors through its crisis. It portrays Sloan’s half a century leadership experience in the automobile industry and provides valuable insights on his early innovations and development initiatives at General Motors across basic management policies and strategic concepts. Offering tools for organisational success, the book is highly recommended for people at all managerial levels. Even Bill Gates extols ‘My Years with General Motors’ as the best book to read on business and Business Week named it the No. 1 choice for its ‘bookshelf of indispensable reading’.

US Financial Crisis : India Stably Stumbles
What are the reverberations of the US financial crisis on developing economies like India? Though not completely insulated from the global downturn, this case study observes how different sectors of the Indian economy are faring?
Wedding Services Business in India: Wedding Services Business in India: Led by Entrepreneurs

This is the right time to watch WALL STREET! The recent meltdown in global financial institutions (including investment banks) has engulfed world economy, leaving it in unprecedented troubled times and unwarranted crisis. It is the greed, many argue that has wrecked the financial capitalism. WALL STREET provides a historical perspective of the 1987 stock market crash.

Business Models Case Study : Wedding Services Business in India: Led by Entrepreneurs

How can a new business model be woven around traditions, customs and other social norms in a country like India? Best fit for courses on entrepreneurship, this case study provides an interesting discussion on the possibilities of success for the Indian wedding services industry.


Case Studies on Emerging Giants from Emerging Markets Our case book on "Emerging Giants from Emerging Markets", is a compilation of various case studies that debate on issues like - what strategies did the globally competitive businesses deploy to overcome the myriad obstacles that their home environments pose? Why and how did some of them move from their dominant positions at home to establish an international presence? Must every company from the emerging markets follow suit? What sequence of steps should aspiring giants take to build stronger businesses at home or to enter overseas market?

FORTHCOMING CASE STUDIES Reebok Vs Nike in India: Reeboks Covert Marketing strategies Reebok’s Covert Marketing Strategies Forthcoming Case Studies : Reebok Vs Nike in India: Reeboks Covert Marketing strategies

Is covert marketing a successful tactic in maximising brand visibility and sales in a highly competitive market? This forthcoming case study debates on the success of Reebok's and Nike's marketing tactics in the sportswear industry.

Corporate Blogging in India: Corporate Blogging in India: CRM Redefined? Corporate Blogging in India

Are corporate blogs an emerging and vociferous platform of self-expression for effective CRM? This case study highlights corporate entities' quest for an interactive medium and a powerful platform for building and nurturing relationships.

CONSULTING CLASSIC Aligning a Misaligned Supply Chain
Improving supply-chain management to gain a competitive edge

Manufacturers know that a fluid supply chain keeps their products moving from the beginning stages of production all the way to their customers' hands. A misaligned supply chain can lead to higher costs, lower quality and poor customer service. Companies that gain a deeper understanding of their suppliers' capabilities and their own needs, and then diligently use that knowledge to improve their overall supply-chain efficiency, can dramatically strengthen their business and gain a competitive advantage.

Midlife Crisis
An interview with Paul Bracken : Speaks on Midlife Crisis An Interview with Prof. Paul Bracken, leading expert in global competition and strategic application of technology in business and defense. The professor gives valuable insights on scenario planning as one of the important strategic assessment tools and the biggest trends in management education today.
An interview with Ken Dychtwald : Speaks on Midlife Crisis An Interview with Ken Dychtwald, founding president and CEO of Age Wave.
Dychtwald talks about 'Middlescence' as an emerging life stage between adulthood and old age and its unique behavioral characteristics.
An interview with Peter Cappelli : Speaks on Midlife Crisis An Interview with Peter Cappelli, the George W Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School and Director of Wharton's Centre for Human Resources.
The professor views the challenges of talent management through a radical new lens and presents four new principles for ensuring that your organization has the skills it needs - when it needs them.
Interview with Carlo Strenger : Speaks on Midlife Crisis An Interview with Carlo Strenger, Associate Professor at the psychology department of Tel Aviv University.
Through this interview, valuable excerpts are drawn from the author's book (co-authored by Arie Ruttenberg), "The Existential Necessity of Midlife Change".

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