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Interview with Ken Dychtwald on Midlife Crisis

February 2009 - By Dr. Nagendra V Chowdary

In our global surveys, people around the world consistently tell us that relationships with friends and family are the key to happiness throughout life. Creating new friendships and rekindling relationships with your spouses and family during middlescence will be a source of fulfillment for years to come.
—Ken Dychtwald
Effective executive interview with Ken Dychtwald on Mid Life Crisis

Ken Dychtwald is the founding president and CEO of Age Wave (, a San Francisco, California-based think tank and consulting firm focused on the maturing marketplace and workforce. Over the past 30+ years, he has emerged as North America's most outspoken visionary and original thinker regarding the lifestyle, healthcare, and workforce implications of the “age wave.” A psychologist, gerontologist, and advisor to Fortune 500 companies worldwide, Dychtwald is the author of 16 books, including Age Wave: The Challenges and Opportunities of an Aging Society, Age Power: How the 21st

Century will be Ruled by the New Old, The Power Years: A User's Guide to the Rest of Your Life, and Workforce Crisis: How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills and Talent (with Robert Morrison and Tamara Erickson). His new book is entitled With Purpose: How to Go from Success to Significance in Work and Life. He has served as fellow of the World Economic Forum, is a recipient of the American Society on Aging Award for outstanding national leadership in the field of aging, and American Demographics magazine has called him the single most influential marketer to baby boomers over the past quarter century. His article, written with Morrison and Erickson, in the Harvard

Business Review, “It’s Time to Retire Retirement,” won the prestigious McKinsey Award.

Useful for Understanding of:

  • What is middlescence?
  • Midcareer employees and their behavioral characteristics
  • National culture and midlife change
  • Strategies for revitalizing the careers.
Originally Published in Effective Executive, IUP
Effective Executive Reference No. 03M-2009-02-07-06
IBSCDC Reference No. INT0087
Year and Month of Publication February 2009
Keywords Ken Dychtwald, What is middlescence?, Midcareer employees and their behavioral characteristics, National culture and midlife change, Strategies for revitalizing the careers

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