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Interview with Mark Buchanan on 21st Century Organization

December 2007 - By Dr. Nagendra V Chowdary

Social networks have always been important. Almost everything humans have done well through history has come from people working together, rarely through individual genius. But technology has made it far easier to connect to others, and also to see those connections and think about them.
— Mark Buchanan
Effective executive interview with Mark Buchanan on Strategy Execution

Mark Buchanan is an American physicist and author. He was formerly an editor with the international journal of science Nature, and the popular science magazine New Scientist. He has been a guest columnist for the New York Times, and currently writes a monthly column for the journal Nature Physics.

Buchanan's books and articles typically explore ideas of modern physics, with an emphasis on efforts to use novel concepts from physics to understand patterns and dynamics elsewhere, especially in biology or in the human world.

    Key themes include the (often overlooked) importance of spontaneous order or self-organization in collective, complex systems.All of his work aims to bring technical advances in modern science to a broad, nontechnical audience, and to help stimulate the flow of ideas across disciplinary boundaries. Buchanan has authored three books: Ubiquity: The Science of History or Why the World is Simpler Than We Think (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 2000); short-listed for the Guardian First Book Award.

    Nexus: Small Worlds and the New Science of Networks (W.W.Norton&Co., NewYork, 2002); short-listed for the Aventis Science Writing Prize in 2003.

Useful for Understanding of:

  • Social Networks
  • 21st Century Organisation
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Science of Subtle Signals
  • Removing Imperfect Knowledge of Organisations.
Originally Published in Effective Executive, IUP
Effective Executive Reference No. 03M-2007-12-07-06
IBSCDC Reference No. INT0040
Year and Month of Publication December 2007
Keywords Mark Buchanan, Social Networks, 21st Century Organisation, Organizational Effectiveness, Science of Subtle Signals, Removing Imperfect Knowledge of Organisations

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