Financial Feasibility Analysis of Shale Gas Extraction

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Industry : Oil and Gas

Region : Asia

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COURSE OF ACTION BY PIL: The next morning, immediately after reaching office, Asthana called for a meeting. In addition to other executives, the meeting was attended by Kamlesh Banerjee (Kamlesh), Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Animesh Shah (Animesh), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), of the company. Asthana emphasized the need for exploiting and extracting unconventional energy resources. He suggested that thorough research be done on the shale gas exploration and extraction process and a technical and financial report brought out to help them understand the feasibility of shale gas extraction. After a gap of a week, Kamlesh and Animesh presented their reports...

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EXCERPT OF THE REPORT PRESENTED BY KAMLESH: According to the report prepared by Kamlesh and his team, conventional gas reserves could be accessed 1,500 meters below the earth's surface by vertical drilling, whereas shale gas was accessible 2,000 to 5,000 meters below the earth's surface. Traditionally, vertical drilling was sufficient to access and extract conventional gas reserves out of permeable rocks whereas, shale gas was trapped under low-permeable rocks and required horizontal drilling (hydraulic fracturing i.e. the process of using water for breaking the rock) after vertical drilling..

EXCERPT OF THE REPORT PRESENTED BY ANIMESH: Animesh then presented a report analyzing the financial feasibility of shale gas extraction. He presented the following estimates for extracting shale gas from a single well...

EXHIBITS: Exhibit I: Natural Gas Proved Reserves in the US (in billion cubic feet)
Exhibit II: Stages of a Shale Gas Production Process
Exhibit III: Stages of Shale Gas Exploration and Extraction Process




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