Rural Opportunities Production Enterprise (ROPE) International: Success with Social Entrepreneurship?


Code : SEP0019

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Industry : Manufacturing

Region : India

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Abstract: Very contemporary in nature, this case study deals with the success story of a social entrepreneurial venture in India – Rural Opportunities Production Enterprise (ROPE) International – which was established in 2007. In the backdrop of the entrepreneurial scenario in India over the past 60 years, this case study talks about the new breed of entrepreneurs who have emerged, especially in the last two decades. Further, the bent of new age Indian entrepreneurs towards social entrepreneurship has been substantiated through the case of ROPE. The case study brings to the forefront, some interesting dilemmas and subsequent scope for debate. How long can social entrepreneurial ventures sustain themselves, more so if they are for-profit organisations? The case study also deliberates on the scalability and effectiveness of the business models of these social entrepreneurs.

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the evolution and inhibiting factors of Indian entrepreneurship during 1947–1990 and to contrast the same with newly defined and more pronouncing Indian entrepreneurship during 1991–2009
  • To deliberate on the relationship between business incubation and entrepreneurial activity in a country
  • To understand ROPE’s business model and operating model and deliberate and debate on the possible challenges in it's existing model as a social enterprise venture
  • To discuss the challenges faced by the social entrepreneurs in India and also the measures to overcome them.

    Keywords :New Age Entrepreneurship in India, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprises, Socially Relevant Business and Revenue Models, Inclusive Business Models, Scalability and Sustainability Challenges in Socially Relevant Business Models, Rural Opportunities Production Enterprise (ROPE) International, Business Incubation, Rural Technology and Business Incubator(RTBI), The SCALERS Model

    Contents :
    » Government-led Entrepreneurship
    » Business Entrepreneurship
    » The Business Model and the Business Sense

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