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Abstract: As more and more countries within the European Union (EU) struggle economically, questions are increasingly being raised on the sustainability of the EU. The credit crunch in the euro zone, winding down of failing institutions, the rising sovereign debt, growing unemployment, uncertainty, and falling growth have raised questions over the single unit currency. Analysts and economists are worried over the growing Euroscepticism and with the public opinion on the downward slide in crisis hit nations, doubts over the single currency are only growing. The case details the reasons behind the growing Euroscepticism and reasons behind the euro crisis. The case also allows scope for discussing the flaws in the European Union and possible alternatives to come out of the situation.

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Case Studies on Aviation Industry

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To analyze and discuss the Euro Crisis
  • To analyze the reasons behind Euroscepticism
  • To discuss the flaws in the eurozone
  • To debate whether the eurozone should break

    Keywords : Banking crisis, Banking Union, Bond yields, credit risks , Cyprus, Economic and Monetary Union, Euro, Euro crisis, Euro Zone, Eurobarometer, Europe, European Banking Authority , European Central Bank, European Commission , European economic integration, European Union, Euroscepticism, Forsa institute , GDP, Germany, Greece, Growth crisis, Housing Market, Italy, Maastricht summit , monetary policy, Pew Research Center report, Portugal, Sovereign bonds, Soverign crisis, Spain

    Contents :
    Rise of Euroscepticism in Europian Union
    Euro-Zone Crisis
    Euro-Zone Blues
    Way Forward

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