US Financial Crisis: Parental Agonies and Kids' (Untold)Anxieties


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Abstract: This case study gives an overview of the effect on pre-teens and teens, by the foreclosures of subprime crisis and subsequent financial crisis (2008). This case is written to sensitise the participants on how to go beyond the obvious in times of such crises. Someone might argue, what role did kids play in this crisis? Well, they did not play any role, they were mute witnesses to all the happenings to their breadwinners may it be parents, NGOs, etc. The crisis did affect all these breadwinners in more ways than one. How should this story be narrated to the kids? How would the kids receive this story? What kind of damage control initiatives could have been taken up? The case evaluates the need for imparting value-based education, money management talents and savings habits in children to make them responsible citizens.

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Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the reasons for behavioural problems in kids during domestic financial problems
  • To analyse the effects of US subprime crisis and the subsequent financial crisis on kids
  • To examine the role of parents, educational institutions, government, media and society in explaining the crisis to the kids and explore the possible options to contain any negative behaviour
  • To debate on the need of inculcating savings habits and money management in children.

    Keywords : US Financial crisis, Subprime, Subprime Mortgage Crisis, CDOs, CDSs, Foreclosures, Wall Street, Investment Bonds, Lehman Brothers, AIG

    Contents :
    Subprime to Wall Street to Main Street
    Behavioural Problems in Kids due to Household Problems
    Where are the Soothsayers?

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