Investment Banking: The Changing Competitive Landscape


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Industry : Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

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The Origins of the Investment Banking Industry Till the European Renaissance era, the Catholic Church had prohibited interest on money lending, there by delaying the introduction of debt securities into European commerce. During the Renaissance period, church restrictions weakened leading to the emergence of branded vendors, called banks. While most of them were local banks, a few big ones established branches in several European countries. Among the first banks that operated across borders was Medici Bank, which was established in the early 15th century at Florence, Italy by Cosmico de Medici...

Investment Banking Industry in the US World War Imarked a new dawn in international financing. In August 1914, all the European stock exchanges were closed due to political instability and war time chaos. The New York stock exchange was the only major financial market for the western financial needs. The US dollar was the only currency that was convertible into gold and the neutrality of US towards war increased its economic activity, as it was a major supplier of war time necessities to Europe. This resulted in enormous savings in the US, which was directed towards the New York stock exchange...

Investment Banking Industry - Loosing the Turf? In the 1970s, a general movement against regulations as ameans of allocating resources, gathered momentumin the US corporate sector. Debates on making the resources available to free competition increased that challenged regulations and trade practices across industries, including the financial industry. At the same time, several developments in the US financial markets in the 1970s, put the investment firms under pressure. In the early 1970s, interest rates soared in the US, alluring the institutional and individual investors to withdraw their investments from both stocks and bonds...

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