China's Baidupedia: An Authoritarian Alternate to Wikipedia?


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Wikipedia: Pioneering the Open-ended Online Encyclopedia Wikipedia is an international, web-based, free-content encyclopedia. It exists as a Wiki, a website that enables its users to add and edit its content. Wikipedia was launched on January 29th 2001, as a complementary project of Nupedia. Jimmy Wales (Wales) started an online encyclopedia called, the contents of which were written by experts. In order to ensure high quality, they followed traditional review procedures of publishers who were responsible for coordinating the project. This led to the volunteer contributors facing a cumbersome procedure for submission, reviews and negotiations that yielded too few articles to be published. This led to the formation ofWikipedia to supplement Nupedia as a more open and complementary project.

Internet Censorship in China Since the 1860s, science and technology has played an important role in building Chinese nationalism as western science helped to develop nationalistic fervour during the Self Strengthening Movement. However, China has always carefully attempted to prevent scientific temper from damaging the fabric of the society. In 1949, the Communist party of China assumed power. Despite strict regulations in its initial years, since 1978, economic liberalisation succeeded in generating high growth in per capita income as the monopoly of the government over foreign trade was relaxed. The volume of foreign trade rose by 13.5% annually and after 1992, there was an increase in the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into China.

Inception of Baidupedia In April 2006, Baidu, a major Chinese search engine, launched Baidupedia, a user generated online encyclopedia, which is heavily censored. Baidupedia, which is also called as "Baidu Baike", is designed after Chinese Wikipedia and is growing as an information source due to the blocking of Chinese Wikipedia....

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