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Tell A Friend, The Indian Social Networking Start-up: Differentiating with the Bottom of the Pyramid


Code : SNW0003

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Industry : Social Networking

Region : India

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<< Previous Unique Way of getting Job through Social Networking Now to cater to the low-end jobseekers was created. Its business model is different than other social networking sites. It is a job-site for the economically poor, who get jobs through its social networking site This links up employers with employees, their friends and relatives; and can be accessed through the web or mobile interface. For which enables functions like blogging, photo- and video-sharing in English, Hindi and two local Indian languages, Tamil and Kannada. It allows controlling postings in the blog post (because sometimes an employer does not need to knowthe availability of the jobseeker) and it also allows users to see who is readingwhat they is also keeping the user informed about jobs whenever any other user posts a new job or is looking for one, so that a user also has an opportunity to earn INR 200 as a ‘connector’ between an employer and employee...

Problems in Information Inaccuracy, Privacy, Security and Trust: Will it sustain? Developing a website to reach the poor poses special challenges. First of all, most of the poor can hardly access the web. So a website wanting to serve the poor sounds unusual. Even if this were not the case, then being on the web is quite a murky affair. Social networking sites are accused of breeding pedophiles, spammers, hackers, etc. They pose as genuine friends, break into the network and later corrupt it. The most common web-based scam is ‘phishing’ where hackers create fake websites similar to the original one, luring users to provide sensitive personal information. With this information in the hands of the hackers, anything can be done. Even spyware can steal such information. One prominent disadvantage of an online social networking system is the accuracy of the information provided by the jobseeker. claims it does not investigate the accuracy. It states it is not involved in the hiring process, beyond linking the employer and the jobseeker...

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