Bill Gates’ Retreat: Future of Microsoft?


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Bill Gates’ Microsoft In April 1975, Gates and Allen founded the Microsoft6 Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the same year, Gates and Allen developed a version of the programming language called BASIC for the first microcomputer, the MITS Altair and also sold it to MITS7, NCR8 and Intel9. In 1976, with several users using BASIC without seeking permission from Microsoft, Gates wrote an “open letter to hobbyists”, which said that computer software should not be copied by the relatively small computer community without the developer's permission...

The Dawn of Windows VisiCorp developed a mouse-driven computer system which was much easier for technologically unsophisticated people to use with a user interface-based on graphics rather than the keyboardbased and text-driven system of MS-DOS. This posed a major threat to Microsoft. Gates started working on his next Operating System and announced that a new Microsoft Operating System with graphical user interface (GUI) called "Windows" would be marketed in 1983...

Gates, the richest man In 1986, Gates took Microsoft public and the initial offering for a share of Microsoft stock was $21.00 per share15. His 40 % ownership of Microsoft shares made his net worth $390 million by June 1986 and he became the richest man in the United States. He became a billionaire in 1987 and the world’s richest man16, when his company's stock rose to $90.75 per share. An analyst commented, ...

Gates’ new plans In 1998, Gates concentrated on strategy and product development. He invested heavily in improving customer support. Gates planned to direct the company's work in such areas as intelligent telephones and television, as well as the integration of such new computer input techniques as speech, vision, and handwriting...

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Microsoft in Trouble In early 2002, Microsoft stopped software development for a month to focus on security. In 2004, the security was even worse with no visible improvement from Microsoft. In the same year, Microsoft faced turmoil due to a highly-publicized anti-trust case against European Union (Annexure I) and it was fined €497 million (US$613 million), ordered to divulge certain protocols to competitors, and to produce a version of Windows that did not include the Windows Media Player...

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