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Monetary Policy Case Study

Case Title:

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe Thrives, Economy Suffers

Publication Year : 2007

Authors: Sai Manohar & Sardhi Kumar Gonela

Industry: Not Applicable

Region: Zimbabwe

Case Code: MOP0025

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During the early 1980s, Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe's economic policies ushered in unprecedented progress. This however did not last long. By mid-1980s, Mugabe's regime substituted economic gains for political motives. Economic mismanagement resulted in inflation, which snowballed into hyperinflation by 2007. Zimbabwe's central bank did take measures to reduce or control the rise in inflation - all of which were futile. Economists predict that inflation may soon touch 100,000%, if it grows unarrested.

The case study helps analyse the nature and causes of various kinds of inflation, and their impact on the economy. It also helps debate possible measures to control Zimbabwe's growing inflation. Deep analysis reveals Zimbabwean central bank to be in a fix: it has to decide what is urgent and what is important. It has to contain inflation urgently. More importantly, a growth mechanism is needed. Yet how should these two goals be balanced - an economic quandary, to be resolved by the class.

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand causes and types of inflation
  • To analyse reasons for hyperinflation and debate whether there is any relationship between hyperinflation and government actions
  • To debate on central bank's possible recourse to contain inflation.

Keywords : Wholesale price index, Types of Inflation, Cost push inflation, Unemployment and Inflation, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, Consumer Price Index, Demand Pull Inflation, Monetary Policy Case Study, Hyperinflation, Money Supply, Quantity Theory of Money, Controlled Economy

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