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(An Interview with Mr. Ajay Sinha, Policy Coordinator, YoungLives Project, India)

The Need and Importance of an NGO

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Operating Models of an NGO

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YoungLives Project

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Who is this video about?

Ajay K. Sinha (Policy Coordinator) joined Young Lives in 2007 and has extensive experience in child rights programming, child budget monitoring and policy influencing at the national level. His particular strengths and interests are in budget monitoring and working with networks and alliances to influence the policy on the basis of research-based evidence in the best interest of the child. He leads the planning and implementation of the Young Lives policy engagement strategy for Andhra Pradesh and India. He maintains awareness of the policy environment, builds networks, and maintains close relationships with key policy stakeholders, at state, national and international level in Andhra Pradesh and India.

What is this video about?

In India, Young Lives is working in the state of Andhra Pradesh (AP). As with the other countries included in the study, India is undergoing a process of liberalization that is referred to nationally as LPG (‘liberalization, privatization and globalization’). Improvements in economic growth and social development have speeded up in recent years, but India continues to have some of the lowest Human Development Indicators in the world and GDP per head is only half that of China’s, despite having a similarly large population. Young Lives will track policy development in detail at local, national and international levels over the next 15 years with the aim of developing a better understanding of how policy is related to child poverty.

What does the future hold for the 2000 Young Lives index children born in the state of Andhra Pradesh? Child mortality below the age of 5 decreased slightly in the last decade but remains high at 85.5 per 1000 children, and is higher for girls than boys. Immunization levels are at only 40%. This raises the question: What are the mitigating circumstances that ensure that a child from a very poor household survives into his or her sixth year?

Recommended to use this video for:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility Course – for understanding the role of NGOs; how NGOs act as complementors to Governmental agencies;
  2. Understanding the operating model of NGOs
  3. Getting deeper insights into the "YoungLives" project in India

Video Details

Title : An Interview with Mr. Ajay Sinha, Policy Coordinator, YoungLives Project, India
Released Date : 26th March,2009.
Interviewed by : Mr. Udit Arora, Mr. Prasoon Kumar
Price : $ (1000 INR)
Duration : 38 min
Keywords : NGOs, NGOs in India, Social Entrepreneurship, Bottom of the Pyramid, Managing an NGO, Young Lives Project , Young Lives Project in India, Corporate Social Responsibility, Operating Model of NGOs


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