Success at What Cost? - A Case Study in Managerial Ethics & Compliance

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Please note:

This case study was compiled from generalized experience of the author, and is intended to be used as a basis for class discussion. It is not intended to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a management situation. Nor is it a primary information source.

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Managerial ethics/ Compliance
Case Length : 06 Pages
Period : -
Organization : -
Pub Date : 2008
Teaching Note : Not Available
Countries : India
Industry : Pharmaceutical


This case study is about SuperDrugz, a mid-sized pharmaceutical company in India. Initially starting off as an entrepreneurial venture, the company had been put in the hands of a professional management group. The new team strove to cultivate a performance culture through strong results-based controls and weeding out non-performers.

However, a whistle-blower brought out into the open serious ethical lapses in the company. Shortly after joining as an Area Manager in the country's North Eastern Region, the person found that the team (including his seniors) was adopting unethical/illegal means to meet the high sales targets.

Faced with the dilemma of whether to conform to the team or comply with law, he chose the later. Now the founder of the company had to put in place mechanisms to ensure that everyone in the company complied with the company's code of ethics and the law of the land.


Understand the issue in managerial ethics and challenges in ensuring compliance.

Understand the factors that influence ethical behavior.

Understand the mechanisms for ethical control and compliance.


Training & Development, Sales training, Coaching, Return on investment (ROI), Line and Staff conflict, On-the-job training (OJT), Classroom training, Implementation, Transfer of learning, Individual development plans

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