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Innovation Management at Salesforce


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BackgroundBACKGROUND Benioff worked as an executive at Oracle Corporation for 13 years. He started Salesforce in the year March 1999 along with Parker Harris (Harris) , Dave Moellenhoff , and Frank Dominguez . Benioff had a vision to redefine Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and to do this, he endeavored to provide on-demand software solutions. He was successful in replacing enterprise-based software solutions with on-demand CRM software solutions. He pioneered the application of Cloud computing technology (Cloud Technology) in CRM Industry. This improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the services. Benioff earned accolades from various quarters for his leadership and innovation skills. ....


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Pro blems Waterfall Develipment Process Since its inception, Salesforce had made it a point to deliver innovative product features and services to customers. Within a short span of 5 years, it became a market leader. The success of Salesforce was attributed to its Research and Development (R&D) team. Salesforce’s services attracted a large number of businesses from across the world (Refer to Exhibit-IV for List of Industries Availing Salesforce Services). By the end of the year 2005, Salesforce was able to process over 85,000 million transactions per day and had a subscriber base of over 650,000. Total revenue also increased to $175 million, resulting in a net revenue of $7.5 million......

Adaptive Delivery Methodology Fry and Greene endeavored to achieve a large-scale roll-out of ADM. Senior analysts and product developers were, however, skeptical about the success of the project. Fry and Greene formed a cross-functional roll-out team to oversee the implementation of the project. The team attended training programs and facilitated and motivated the other group members to follow and implement ADM. At first, this approach was implemented on an existing project (referred to as 144) falling short of the release date. This helped the roll-out team to customize the process as per the requirements of Salesforce. ...

Success Factors With strong executive support, the roll-out team was successful in implementing ADM at Salesforce. This gave the company enough opportunity to test and implement the concepts as a model with some modifications. One of the critical features of the process was to stick to the output rather than on the content. Though there were requests from several teams for the postponement of the deliverables, the top management was keen on delivering output as per the.....

Challenges Ahead Though the situation faced by Salesforce was the same as for any other business organization, the management of Salesforce was quick to respond to the situation and to adopt a suitable methodology. This methodology not only helped Salesforce to achieve its business objectives, but also helped to stand by the values on which the company was founded. With the size of its business increasing, Salesforce appeared to be heading toward another challenging phase in the future....

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